Prototip- Panter II

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Prototip- Panter II

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Panther II's Schmalturm (narrow) turret was slightly different than that of Panther Ausf F. Turret's armor protection was significantly increased if compared to any other Panther turret. Front was 120-125mm, gun mantlet was 150mm, while sides and rear were 60mm and top was 30mm thick. Schmalturm had special mountings for infrared device and telescopic range finder. All of those modifications increased Panther II's weight to 47 tons. Panther II was to be powered by new Maybach HL234 engine with total power of 900hp operated by 8-speed hydraulic transmission. Instead Maybach HL 230 P 30 engine was mounted and Maybach HL234was later on due to be completed in August of 1945, for future Panther series. It was believed that Panther II's performance would be similar to that of Panther Ausf G, while if ever produced Panther II would mostlikely suffer from the same problems as Tiger II. Simply because of its great weight and high fuel consumption which made it extremely slow. It is also unknown what other modifications would be made if Panther II would be combat tested.

In March of 1943, plans were laid that the production of first series would start in late 1943 or early 1944 and that by spring of 1944, full scale production of Panther II would start. On May 20th of 1943, Rheinmetall-Borsig proposed special air-defence turret designed for Panther II, mounted with four 20mm MG151/20 guns but it never reached prototype stage.

In the early 1944, MAN (Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nuremberg) was allowed to produce two prototypes but was only able to produce one in early 1945, without newly designed Schmalturm turret. On May 4th of 1944, it was realized that German industry was unable to start Panther II's production and this project was abandomed in favour of further development of Panther Ausf G/F based on lessons learned from Panther II. On June 3rd of 1944, all companies which were to produce Panther II, were ordered to start the production Panther. Since turret's design was never completed, for test purposes prototype Panther II was fitted with newly built Ausf G turret (built in March/April of 1945) armed with 75mm KwK 42 L/70 gun and with special mountings for infrared device and telescopic range finder. It is possible that it was used in combat but there is no records of it, while some sources state that Ausf G turret was fitted by the Americans after the chassis was captured.

German designers planned to build Jagdpanther II armed with 128mm gun based on Panther II but its design never reached prototype stage.Only one prototype built was captured by American Army and was transported to Aberdeen U.S Army Proving Grounds (Maryland) for tests. Later on it was taken to Patton Armor Museum in Fort Knox, where it restored and remains on display.

Weight: 47000kg
Crew: 5 men
Engine: Maybach HL 230 P 30 / 12-cylinder / 700hp
Speed: Road: 55km/h
Cross-Country: 30-40km/h
Range: Road: 240km
Cross-Country: 146km
Fuel Capacity: 700 litres
Lenght: 6.60m (w/o the gun)
-.--m (with the gun)
Width: 3.40m
Height: 2.90m
Armament: 88mm KwK 43 L/71 & 2 x MG
(1 x 7.92mm MG34 - hull)
(1 x 7.92mm MG34 - coaxial)
Ammo: 88mm - 80 rounds
Armor: 16-150mm

*U textu iznad je navedeno kako su nemci uradili prototip tenka Panther II, bio ja jaci od Pantera I (motor Maybach HL234 ,deblji oklop,veci top...)


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